3D Laser Scanning

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Digital laser scanning allows the rapid data capture of up to 1 million data points per second.  Individual scans are brought into a single registered Point Cloud Model which can then be used for a wide range of applications including Building Information Modelling, Reverse Engineering, Digital Terrain Modelling and 3D Visualization purposes. We work alongside out clients to integrate point cloud data into their workflow to enhance the value of existing data. Laser scanning can be used to quickly and cost effectively collect vast quantities of as-built information that would otherwise not be possible using traditional survey methods. Large scale building elevations or rendered images can be easily reproduced, even with complex buildings or structures. Sections can be taken through the point cloud at any point within the model making it easy to produce detailed sections without the need to return to site to re-survey. Projects can be hosted on WebShare allowing clients to view, navigate and measure the project point cloud via a simple to use web interface. Our laser scanning technology puts us at the forefront of 3D imaging progression.

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