3D Laser Scanning

Utilising modern 3D laser scanning technology, SiteScan produces highly accurate 3D building models, visualisations and plans, an essential prerequisite for architects and developers undertaking substantial refurbishment or redevelopment projects.

Work can be produced quickly and cost-effectively with minimum time on site.

We work alongside clients to integrate point cloud data into their workflow in order to enhance the value of existing data, assisting with planning, helping to anticipate and avoid issues, and making the processes as streamlined as possible.

Point cloud data can be brought directly into Revit, enriching the 3D model, and projects can be hosted on WebShare or TruView allowing clients to view, navigate and measure the project point cloud via a simple to use web interface.

BIM data can be used in conjunction with point cloud information to identify assets and equipment in the structure, allowing them to be matched exactly with the relevant manufacturer, model etc.

A remote, non-intrusive method of surveying, 3D laser scanning is ideal where access is limited.